Visa’s And Work Permits

Canadian Visa’s And Work Permits
Canadian Visa
There are a number of different visas you can apply for to legally live and work in Canada. These include Skilled Worker, Family Class, Business Visa and Work Permit.

Admission via a Skilled Worker visa is accessed through a points system. Points are awarded for the applicant’s level of education, work experience, age and level of spoken English or French.

People who have relatives already living in Canada can apply for a Family Class visa. They require sponsorship, which means that the existing relative takes on financial responsibility for the immigrant. In addition to this, the applicant must be in good health and have no criminal record. Family reunion is a priority for the Canadian government and this visa is open to application from any relative.

People wishing to run a business in Canada can obtain a Business visa, providing that they have sufficient funds and business experience. This visa also covers applications from self-employed people who will generate their own employment.

A work permit is applied for through the CIC, or Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and requires that the applicant has been offered a job from a Canadian company. These are only awarded where a Canadian citizen cannot fill the position.

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